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Jesus centered, Bible-based, Real life Sermons

We believe in God's power to change lives, your life and our lives.  God works through the Bible preached to strengthen, to help, to encourage, to teach and to challenge us.

You are invited to be with us this Sunday @ 10:30 am in Worship.

We meet in the Family Life Center (largest building on campus).

Sermons by: Fear Not A Faith Like Daniel

Oct 28, 2018

Fear Not, part IV

When you think you cannot speak up about truth, is often when you need...

Oct 21, 2018

Fear Not, part III

How might the Christian not give into peer pressure (people pleasing)...

Oct 14, 2018

Fear Not, part II

How can you as a Christian face up to fearful circumstances with faith?...

Oct 07, 2018

Fear Not, part I

The world may try to define you, reject the offer based in fear of...