Ways to Make a Difference

Make an impact in other's lives

Each of us who is trying to follow Jesus by faith is meant for more.  Paul an apostle of Jesus said we are saved so that we might do good deeds.  He did not say we become believers just for fire insurance into heaven, nor just to be fed by others.

How do we do good deeds?

There's obviously just you out on your own doing individual good deeds. 

However, the church is God's plan for us to serve together in areas as a team.

If you are gifted in serving in an area or want to use your gifting, you are checking out the right local church congregation.

We have lots of ways to connect and serve others, such as:

- Sunday Morning Small Groups ("Adult Bible Study Groups").  These are actually way more than just Bible study.  They are a ministry team, for serving someone in a spot, for encouraging people, to plan events, and more.  Hospitality, encouraging, acts of mercy, teaching opportunities, administration, evangelism, and so much more are able to be put to use through these teams.


- Sunday Morning or Wednesday Greeting, Hospitality, and more.  Hospitality was a big deal in the New Testament, and there are a bunch of ways to serve Jesus in this @ Sandy Plains.


- Sports Ministries.  We have background check approved opportunities for those interested in Kids sports, via Upward Basketball and Cheerleading, and more.  There's also Adult Sports Ministries, such as pick up Basketball on Thursdays, and other times as well.

- Worship-Audio-Video. Many of the get togethers we have as a church congregation use or need volunteer help to make a seamless worship experience or service project work out well.

- Benevolence and Care.  We have several ways and means to connect you to serving those in a big life transition or a tough spot in the name of Jesus.

- House & Grounds.  If you love being indoors or outdoors, we have a lot of campus and land and facilities.  There's also a tech side to House & Grounds available.  So this is an area you may probably choose your preference of maintenance and care in serving the Lord.

- Weddings, many Special Events, etc, etc.  We host many events here at Sandy Plains, which do require a team who volunteers to make them go well.  Gifts that might fit include serving, hospitality, encouragement, administration, etc.

- Men's and Women's Ministries.  There are a large number of skills, talents and gifts that could be used in both of these to serve others in a way that is very meaningful.  The Men's and Women's ministry are about encouraging, equipping and serving others.  They aim to shows Christ's love and truth to one another.

- Student Ministry.  Parents of Students and others may want to eventually after connecting and going through a background check help volunteer or assist with the Student program.  There are many ways to connect with service projects, teaching break out groups, prayer, set up, Student worship, and more.  

- Local projects.  We serve the community in a ton of ways.  It's just a matter of you sharing what kind of serving you want to try or have done and we can very easily connect the dots.  Sandy Plains is known for its specialized gifts being put to use to bless those in Gastonia, Cramerton, Belmont, Clover and Lake Wylie, and even beyond.  The current group has various skills, but is always looking to helps others to serve as well.

- You'll find gospel sharing and disaster relief International, Regional/State, and Local missions opportunities through Sandy Plains.  We have missions partnerships with various organizations that allow mission trips on a regular basis.

- Regional or international missions evangelism, service, and teaching trips.  (Acts 2/Matthew 28).   Regional missions includes Appalachian Mountain Missions.  International includes to Honduras, and other countries as well.

- Outreach events.  There's a bunch of them, connect with us and we can explore what's a good fit.

- These are just a sample of how many options exist.  We invite you to:

Please see any of the pastoral team for detailed info on ways that you might connect, and then serve as a regularly attending member of Sandy Plains.  Any children or youth ministry position involves background checks as well as a history of faithful serving.