How May We Pray for You?

Prayer & Worship Service

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian life.  Jesus tells us it is important to both Pray alone, and to Pray together.  There's a mix of both for a healthy Christian life.

This Prayer & Worship Service is purposeful prayer and each week has a theme we pray over.  This has more of the feel of a Worship Service.  

When is gathered prayer?

Join us no matter your church background on Sunday evenings.

This is called the "Prayer & Worship Service," 6-6:45 pm.


First time guests are always welcome.  Many time guests are welcome.  Members and non-members of Sandy Plains.  In short, anyone who wants to have Prayer with others for God's glory.

Our goal is to lift up your situation, as a way to minister one to another, in those prayers.  Gathered prayer reinforces personal prayer, they both have value.


This is meeting in the Chapel building (with steeple) on campus.  This is our former Sunday morning worship building that we outgrew, but it is still very large, and is able to host the Prayer & Worship Services.


No.  Lots of people do have that fear in life.  The goal isn't to make everyone there speak, but to lift up Prayer needs.  If you have a Prayer need, we will help lift that up.  Of course, some do speak too, but that is not at all expected.  So do not fear.


There is.  There is a basic lesson and children's ministry during this Prayer PM worship service.  It is in the Children's Education Building.

Are There Weeks It Doesn't Meet?

Yes.  Major holidays weekends, we skip that one week.  Examples:  Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Labor Day, etc.


We look forward to seeing you and seeing what our living God does through the power of prayer.