20's Class

20's Classes


Join one of our several 20 year old's ministries Sunday mornings.  We have three classes that may be a good fit.

- The college class (18-23 yr).

- The Adult I class with David & Beth (23ish-33 yr.).

- The Adult II Community/Bible Study with Brian & Rhonda (20's, 30's-42 yr).

These all meet on the 2nd floor of the Education Building (one that is in the middle of our church campus).  Our greeters or church staff can get you to the right place any week to visit them.  Simply arrive before 9:30 am and let any greeter know.

At Sandy Plains we say no perfect people allowed, so don't feel like you have to be at some level with God first, or get things right first, no, you come as you are, today.

We want to be there for you.  God bless!